Hatty Animation is an American animation studio based in Bellevue, Washington. Founded in April 2, 2013 by Ethan M. Nelson. It is a division of Hatty Media.



Feature filmsEdit


# Title Release date
1 Ninja Club July 14, 2017
2 House City November 17, 2017


# Title Release date
3 Gussun Oyoyo November 16, 2018
3 Superstars May 3, 2019
4 Toy School November 22, 2019
5 Sr. York Garland June 11, 2021
6 Gussun Oyoyo 2 November 19, 2022

In developmentEdit

Woody Poco
Coron Land
Mr. Bigfoot
Cyborg Kuro-chan
Miss University
Big Magic Wizard's House

Short filmsEdit

# Title Release date
1 What Happened to... Tommy? July 3, 2015
2 Adventures of Jack the Puppy November 3, 2015

Television seriesEdit

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