Haunts of Evil is the fifth film in the series, Gree & Friends.


Gree was controlling the M.A.C. Haticarrier ship but Pinkie Pie found a time travel button with date and time, So Pinkie Pie presses time travel button and adds November 19, 1602 in feudal Japan by accident. Now they go back to time, then they gets kidnapped by five samurais and sent to the Lord Takahiro's castle.



  • Gree
  • Mappy
  • Bubblun and Bobblun
  • PaRappa the Rapper
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tails
  • Skippy Squirrel
  • Slappy Squirrel
  • Stuart Little
  • Cap'n O. G. Readmore
  • Speedy Cerviche
  • Polly Esther
  • Guido Anchovy
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Socks the Mousey
  • Toppy Hatty


  • Lord Takahiro, an king samurai otter that evil counterpart to Peanut Otter from PB&J Otter and the main antagonist.
  • Hiroshi Bunny - an evil counterpart to Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures and one of the Lord Takahiro's henchmen.
  • Junjie Squirrel - an evil counterpart to Secret Squirrel and one of the Lord Takahiro's henchmen.
  • Seymour "The Big" Cheese - Big Cheese and his evil henchmen went time travel to November 19, 1602 in feudal Japan by Big Cheese's time machine.
  • Jerry Atric - One of the Big Cheese's henchmen.
  • Bad Bird - One of the Big Cheese's henchmen.




[We see the words "RetroGameFan9000 Presents"]


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