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Cyborg-Puppy is a The Hatty Network original series by Ethan M. Nelson. It first aired on October 3, 2015 and ended on October 22, 2016. The series is a parody of Japanese tokusatsu like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.


When the 15-years old (in Human years) puppy named Jimmy Dogson was drinking a water. A few seconds later, he accident drink a robot chip in the water who gives him the superpowers and to defeated the C.R.O.W.



  • Jimmy Dogson/Cyborg-Puppy: the main character.
  • Arnold Dogson: Jimmy's father.
  • Megan Dogson: Jimmy's mother.
  • Anna Woofman: Jimmy's girlfriend.
  • Jason Payton: A cat who is Jimmy's best friend.
  • Timmy: Magician Mouse's child rabbit who refuses to fight Cyborg-Puppy.


  • Lester Crow: A crow who wanted to take over the world. He is a leader of the C.R.O.W.
  • Crow Soldiers: The C.R.O.W. army.
  • Magician Mouse
  • Rick Gundiran: A bunny who is Jimmy's school bully.
  • Bug Snake
  • Computer Virus
  • Fake Santa Foxus/Bob Fox
  • Fake Mrs. Foxus/Victor Fox


  • Santa Foxus
  • Mrs. Foxus



Season 1Edit

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 When the Hero Beings After Jimmy's science class, Jimmy had to drink a water, he accident drink a robot chip when drinking a water. He quickening go back to home and he later found out that robot chip with gives him the superpowers. October 3, 2015
2 Computer Virus Strikes! October 10, 2015
3 Gender Bender Ghost October 17, 2015
4 Magic! Magic! Trap! October 24, 2015

Season 2Edit


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