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Bobby Bunny is a upcoming American-Canadian adventure comedy series created by Ethan M. Nelson. It is produced by Nelvana and Hatty Media. It is based on the children's book series Bobby Bunny by Ethan M. Nelson. It will be air on Nick Jr. in Fall 2017.


Join Bobby Bunny and his friends where they go to everyday adventures.




  • Foxician - the main antagonist. He is magician fox who wants to replace Bobby and his friend's school to his theater for his magic show.


  • Sarah Kangaroo - Used to be Bobby's school bully until at the end of season 2 when she got in trouble by her mom.



Character designsEdit


  • Foxician was originally meant to be appear in Gree443/RetroGameFan9000's previous idea The Magic World of Heartbow in September 2015 but it was scrapped for unknown reasons. He was later reused in Bobby Bunny.
    • It is also a spiritual successor to that anime idea which Gree443/RetroGameFan9000 had created in December 17, 2014‎.
  • All male children (except for Luke Snake which will be voiced by actress, Tara Strong) will be voiced by the male child actors.
  • The character design for Bobby Bunny was inspired by Pyokotan from the Japan-only Famicom game Pyokotan no Daimeiro.